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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic in Tel Aviv

Ottomatic by Proof+Geist is happy to announce our 31st data center location in Tel Aviv, Israel!

This is a significant leap forward in connecting our modern Claris and FileMaker hosting platform, Ottomatic, with the Middle East.

Our data center partner has joined Bezeq International, the leading ISP in Israel, providing tailor-made comprehensive solutions in internet, data communications, IT and cloud computing services, with Israel's largest and most advanced data center network.

If you’re interested in learning more about our locations, please visit our website:

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic in Africa? We've got you covered.

Ottomatic is happy to announce our first data center in Africa! We are pleased to bring our modern FileMaker and Claris hosting platform to Johannesburg, making it our 28th global location!

Our data center partner in South Africa provides carrier and cloud-neutral colocation services and, with over 16,000 cross-connects, is Africa’s most interconnected data center hub. They are the first provider of highly resilient, vendor-neutral data environments in South Africa, bringing global content closer to the digital edge.

With world-class data center infrastructure and network-dense ecosystems, this interconnected data center forms a vital part of the African Internet’s backbone and is now an essential part of the Modern FileMaker Revolution in this region.

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic Apps On Demand

Apps On Demand™ by Ottomatic™ quickly transforms FileMaker or Claris Applications into web-based, cloud-hosted services. These Apps are delivered to any device through an HTML5-compatible Web browser, requiring zero client-side installations. It supports native gestures, multi-tasking, file transfers, and remote printing.

Our secure web server creates HTTPS connections with the end-user browser and uses Web Sockets to provide for a more fluid experience. Apps On Demand™ is built upon a load balancing architecture that will ensure optimal resource allocation and maintain full functionality during times of heavy load. You can start small and grow as needed.

With your FileMaker or Claris Server hosted in the same data center, you will be able to utilize our network backbone for faster than lan speed access to your data!

Additional applications, security options, and locations are available. Please inquire for more details.

Interested in learning more? Check out the demo for Apps on Demand™ by Jesus Madrigal on Youtube, or contact us to learn how it could help your business directly.

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Angelo Luchi

Attached Block Storage

Ottomatic is happy to announce that Attached Block Storage is now generally available in all data centers!

Attached block storage offers us the ability to mount and expand high-performance, scalable storage to your instance to provide flexible space management. Block storage is highly available, redundant, and ready to deploy to your Ottomatic instances!

Our new standard HDD Attached Block Storage lets us attach volumes up to a whopping 40TB! This service is already available in most of our data centers, world wide.

HDD Attached Block Storage is an affordable option that uses traditional rotating hard drives and supports volumes larger than 10 TB.

  • Minimum volume size: 40 GB
  • Maximum volume size: 40 TB
  • Technology: Rotating hard disk drive
  • Availability: Most Data Centers
  • Key Feature: Affordable storage and largest volumes
    • General sustained speeds of 50MB-90MB/s
  • Priced at $0.05/GB and a minimum volume size of 40GB

For higher performance applications, we also have our NVMe Attached Block Storage cluster, which offers volumes up to 10TB. This is available in select data centers globally.

NVMe Attached Block Storage is a higher performance option for workloads that require rapid I/O.

  • Minimum volume size: 10 GB
  • Maximum volume size: 10 TB
  • Technology: Solid-state NVMe
  • Availability: Select Data Centers
    • North America (New York, Los Angeles)
    • Europe (Amsterdam, London)
    • Asia (Singapore, Tokyo, Bangalore)
    • Australia (Sydney)
  • Key Feature: Highest performance I/O
    • Burst-ability of up to 1GB and sustained speeds of 200MB-400MB/s
  • Priced at $0.20/GB and a minimum volume size of 10GB

If you would like to learn more about our offerings, please contact us here:

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic announces suport for Claris FileMaker 2023

Today, Ottomatic by Proof+Geist would like to announce immediate support for Claris FileMaker Server 2023!

The Claris FileMaker Platform coupled with Ottomatic is your key to the best Modern FileMaker Platform in the industry. Expanding on the power of the Claris FileMaker platform, FileMaker 2023 on Ottomatic advances your delivery of high-performing and scalable solutions. By signing up or upgrading to FileMaker 2023, you automatically get significant security, performance, and availability improvements.

With more than 500 improvements, security, performance, and scalability enhancements, it’s the perfect time to use FileMaker 2023 with Ottomatic.

Sign-up for Ottomatic today at

If you have questions about hosting the latest release of FileMaker on Ottomatic, licensing questions, or questions about our other services please write us at

More information about Proof+Geist and our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies can be found at

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic in UK and Europe

Ottomatic's European and UK footprint is continually growing to meet all your Claris and FileMaker cloud hosting needs!

Our full-spectrum data centers provide a gateway to European customers and connection between markets across the globe, with hybrid cloud solutions and single-point orchestration of world-class cloud instances. Ottomatic has data centers in the hearts of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, and Warsaw, bringing ultra fast (10GB to 100GB) performance to your Claris and FileMaker Applications.

From businesses to universities, we can meet and exceed your requirements for data storage, isolation, and security. All your data stays in the EU and UK — including our offsite backups.

Fast spin up times and 24/7 support ensure your instances are delivered and running when you need them. Don’t forget, Otto is included at no cost with every deployment!

Please contact Ottomatic sales for more information.

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic announces support for Claris Server

Ottomatic is pleased to announce official support for Claris Server.

Deploy a Claris Server on Ottomatic now! Please review our plans for more information.

Claris Server opens the door to the entire Claris platform, including Studio and Connect. Once FileMaker Pro solutions are converted to Claris Pro and hosted on Claris Servers, developers can leverage the power of Studio with Pro and vice versa. Note that FileMaker custom apps will need to be converted to Claris Pro--- Claris Server works with files using the .claris extensions only. Under the hood there is no file format change, so your solutions should work the same way, with a few caveats.

With Claris Server, there are some important points to remember:

  1. Claris server has support for Linux OS only, so solutions may need to be updated if they are dependent on operating system-specific functions and file paths, such as with server-side exports or file manipulations.
  2. Authentication is via Claris ID accounts only, for now. Local file authentication, OAuth, and Directory Services are not yet supported.
  3. Claris Server as an ODBC Source is not supported.
  4. The legacy FileMaker Server PHP API isn’t supported.
  5. Accounts script steps are no longer supported.
  6. The following extended privileges are no longer supported: fmxdbc, fmreauthenticate, fmphp.
  7. Secondary Machines (WebDirect Workers) are not supported.
  8. Open Apps via URL using: claris:// rather than fmp://.

Also, Otto by Proof+Geist won't be able to do migrations until there is a Data Migration Tool for .claris files. We expect that very soon, but it is not ready just yet.

Get started here!

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Angelo Luchi

Ottomatic data centers partner with Wasabi and Backblaze

Did we mention that our data center partners have a strategic partnership with Wasabi and Backblaze?

If you are on Ottomatic, you have direct high-speed connectivity to both storage services with no added egress fees, which means your backups and access to external FileMaker Container storage will be faster, safer, and more cost-effective than using comparative storage services.

For more information, please contact us.

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Angelo Luchi

Providing the Best FileMaker Hosting

What makes a hosting company the best?

A lot can go into providing hosting, especially niche hosting like FileMaker or Claris. Special monitoring tools and experience in the platform are needed to understand the finer nuances of how it should or shouldn't perform.

Different types of hosting

Let's talk about the differences in Managed and Unmanaged Hosting and who's responsible for what.

Managed Hosting is a type of hosting service where a hosting provider or CSP handles the setup, administration, management, and support of a Cloud Instance. Management services vary from provider to provider but typically include OS updates and patching, 24/7/365 support, network infrastructure and hardware management, basic security measures, monitoring, and remediation for the server.

Unmanaged Hosting is a do-it-yourself experience. You get a server with the OS of your choice, and the provider is responsible for operating the equipment and maintaining the physical environment in which the servers are kept. You are responsible for administering the server remotely, and that includes responsibility of software upgrades, patching, security, and monitoring.

Which is Ottomatic Cloud Hosting considered

Ottomatic is a Managed Cloud Service Provider for FileMaker and Claris, as well as Infrastructure as a Service. We've chosen to offer managed services to keep a high level of excellence in our Cloud Hosting Environment. We patch our systems weekly, manage backups, monitor 15,000 data points every 30 seconds, and offer you our many years of experience to maintain and support your environment.

Here are some other benefits of Managed Hosting:

Reduced Risk

In today’s digital enterprise, reducing risk is not just the job of one department. In many ways, it’s the responsibility of everyone in the organization, from the employee choosing not to open a suspicious email, to the accountant ensuring financial information is shared securely.

The thing is, people aren’t always perfect, and effectively reducing exposure to online risks is not an easy task. It takes a high level of oversight and constant maintenance on the back end to ensure:

  • the OS is updated, and security patches are completed,
  • cybersecurity threats are being identified and remediated
  • good traffic is able to flow in while suspicious traffic is stopped at the gate.

Outsourcing this part of the job to a managed Cloud Service Provider is a great way to ensure it gets done correctly and consistently.

Keep Up with the Speed of Business

Business growth isn’t always linear. Sometimes scale happens rapidly, or can even come in waves with seasonal changes and market shifts.

Managed Cloud Service Providers work with you to adjust your cloud resources as needed to ensure your IT scales with your business. More importantly, as long as you maintain good communication with your Cloud Service Provider team, they can help you create a technology roadmap to support upcoming growth and product launches.

Stay Up to Date with Technology

Moore’s Law means that tech is getting better, faster, and more compact at an exponential rate. Not all companies will keep up with these changes, which means many will miss out on the efficiency and customer service benefits of emerging tech like IoT and machine learning / AI.

Working with a good managed hosting provider means you get access to the latest technology, without having to invest a lot of capital in it. And as advancements happen, your company will benefit from them, while your competitors struggle to catch up.

Stay Compliant

Companies that manage sensitive or highly regulated data, such as information covered by HIPAA or PCI regulations, have a slew of compliance requirements they have to meet on an ongoing basis — requirements that take time and attention to fulfill. Your managed Cloud Service Provider will take care of these tasks for you, freeing up time and headspace for you to focus on other things.

Hidden Costs of Unmanaged Hosting

At first glance, you might think, “I can get unmanaged hosting for just a few dollars a month. How can you say managed is a better deal?”

It’s important to look below the surface to account for the hidden costs of unmanaged hosting, including:

Patching and Updates

Who is handling the patching and updates? Account for the time it will take them to stay on top of that responsibility, as well as server reboot time. Keep in mind that 5,000 to 6,000 new vulnerabilities surface each year, or an average of 15 per day. And patching doesn’t just involve clicking a button — your team will have to test and verify each patch to ensure the patch is good and that it has been applied to all of the company’s systems without breaking any functionality.


Beyond the time spent patching or responding to downtime and other types of support, it’s important to account for how those tasks will affect your team’s productivity levels. Every time one of your team members gets interrupted, it can take around 23 minutes for them to refocus on their prior task.


Using managed hosting significantly reduces the chance you’ll experience server or application downtime.


In unmanaged hosting, you are ultimately responsible for all aspects of the server. This can be daunting, especially if you don't have a background in IT or a solid understanding of networking and OS environments.


In the end, with a managed Cloud Service Provider like Ottomatic, you have peace of mind that lets you focus on what you do best - running your business!

Please contact us for more information about our services.

· 2 min read
Angelo Luchi

Protecting Your Server with Ottomatic's Native DDoS Mitigation System

What is a DDoS Protection System

A DDoS system works by dynamically routing traffic from an instance when an attack is detected. Attack detection is fully automated based on proprietary detection algorithms filtering attack traffic while clean traffic can reach the servers.

How Can Ottomatic Help?

Ottomatic's native DDoS mitigation system adds an extra layer of protection to keep our hosting infrastructure online and operating even when it is the target of attacks. We can secure our instances from DDoS attacks in minutes with automatic DDoS mitigation services, which are available in all our worldwide locations. The system monitors network traffic and routes malicious activity to the Attack Mitigation Farm (AMF) after a DDoS event is detected, generally within 60 seconds.

Ottomatic's native DDoS mitigation system protects our instances without increased latency or routing our traffic to a third party. DDoS protection adds 10Gbps of mitigation capacity per instance and safeguards all attached IPv4 addresses. We are currently working on bringing this up to 25Gbps.


When a DDoS attack is detected, incoming traffic is re-routed to our Attack Mitigation Farm which filters traffic based on specific attributes of the current attack. Clean traffic is tunneled directly to the server in the same data center, ensuring that no packets ever leave our premium low-latency network as one might typically encounter with a 3rd party DDoS mitigation service provider.


The DDoS protection works against Layer 3 and Layer 4 attacks, protecting against both TCP and UDP attacks. This coverage is available in all worldwide locations.

DDoS mitigation is only performed for our IP addresses. Additionally, Ottomatic's general IP space is eligible for automated temporary null-route protection if an attack exceeds specific heuristics.

Interested in Learning More?

AtProof+Geist, we know that the Claris Platform is a key puzzle piece to any business ecosystem. With our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies, we are ready to innovate and help support your business. For questions, comments, or more information, drop us a line at