Ottomatic Cloud Console

OCC demo

Develop. Deploy. Done!

The Ottomatic Platform is proud to present its management portal, Ottomatic Cloud Console (OCC), a game changer in FileMaker Server management!

Through our Cloud Console, you have access to optimized tools to augment your deployments, either through Ottomatic or on any other cloud, including your on-prem infrastructure. 

Features Include:

  • Deploy new Ottomatic servers with the click of a button
  • Add and manage servers from any cloud provider or even on-prem
  • Quick access buttons to launch OttoFMS and the FileMaker Admin Console
  • Keep an eye on stats like CPU, memory, storage, and network throughput
  • Seamlessly deploy Single Sign-On and manage users and groups
  • Quickly deploy Cloud Object Storage and connect it to your OttoFMS Offsite Backups
  • Invite devs and colleagues to work in OCC with you
  • Plus much more!

Sign up for the Ottomatic Cloud Console and start optimizing your workflow today!