Ottomatic has your back-ups!

Accessing backups

We perform several types of backups and snapshots to make sure your data is safe and secure.

  • Ottomatic’s Full-Instance nightly backup retains two VM backups that can be restored in-place or to another data center.
  • FileMaker file backups are compressed and uploaded to an S3 compatible storage nightly. These offsite backups are retained for 90 days by default, but longer term storage options are available upon request.
  • On the Windows platform, SNAPS are currently available. These are a local, copy-on-write snapshot performed every 20 minutes, with a maximum of 64 SNAPS retained. This usually equates to about 1.5 to 2 days worth of SNAPS stored.

There are a few ways to access your Ottomatic backups:

Full-instance backups


Offsite backups

  • Use your favorite S3 tool. If you don’t have one, we recommend Transit or Cyberduck.
  • Opt in to receive a nightly email containing a download link to the zipped files.

Getting a copy of a hosted file

Using the Otto Console, you’re able to download a copy of your hosted FileMaker files, as needed.