Ottomatic uses industry-leading tools to monitor and maintain your Ottomatic Instance.

Ottomatic employs active port and endpoint monitoring to ensure the availability of your application from anywhere on the globe. Our resource monitor collects critical statistics on bundled software like FileMaker Server and Otto. Our systems forecast potential issues and keep our team informed about the performance of your Ottomatic Instance. In addition to real-time monitoring, we store valuable statistical data, such as Event and Access logs, for historical analysis and auditing.

Our drive space monitoring allows you to grow your applications and data without concern. Our team will notify you when your Ottomatic Instance is running out of storage and work with you to get you upgraded, as needed.

With integrated alarms and alerts, our team is notified at the first indication of an issue—in real-time; allowing us to provide fast and effective support to maintain smooth operation of your Instances and applications.