This Spam Policy pertains to all Websites owned or operated by Ottomatic or Proof Cloud (hereinafter “Proof Hosting, LLC “). Proof Hosting, LLC subscribes to a strict “No Spam” Policy as exhibited and explained by this Policy. Proof Hosting, LLC will not profit from, nor allow anyone else to profit from Spam of any kind. Proof Hosting, LLC will terminate any and all relationships with any entity producing illegal Spam, and Proof Hosting, LLC will cooperate with law enforcement to see to it that illegal spammers are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Who should read and follow this Policy:
    • If you have any relationship, whatsoever, to Proof Hosting, LLC, you must, as a condition of a continued relationship with Proof Hosting, LLC read and familiarize yourself with this Policy and follow it in its entirety.
  • The Parties addressed in this Policy are:
    • Proof Hosting, LLC d/b/a Ottomatic which may also be referred to as “Proof Cloud” OR Proof Hosting or “We, Us, or Our.”
    • All Affiliates or members of the Website.
    • Any other Affiliate(s), employee(s), contractor(s), servant(s), or agent(s) (“Affiliate” or “you/your”), of Proof Hosting, LLC. The existence of one of the aforementioned relationships to us neither creates nor implies the existence of another.


We consider any dissemination of unsolicited commercial email (i.e., “spam”) to be STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Although federal law allows the dissemination of unsolicited bulk email under certain, tightly regulated conditions, we have elected to impose a stricter, total spam ban policy, for all affiliates and promoters of this website. This means that Members are prohibited from engaging in any bulk email promotions to disseminate their profiles or any other information about Proof Hosting, LLC, regardless of how the recipient email addresses are acquired, generated or obtained. This also means that use of opt-in, double opt-in, or any form of email address recipient list is likewise prohibited, regardless of whether such activities are otherwise permitted by state or federal law.

Any violation of this strict Anti-Spam Policy will be grounds for immediate termination and forfeiture of all unpaid commissions or entitlement thereto. We reserve the right to audit and investigate compliance with the Anti-Spam Policy at any time, with or without notice.

We are committed to stemming the flow of Spam that is prohibited by law. However, our commitment to eliminating Spam goes much further than what the law requires. Spam, in all its forms, is annoying and burdensome, and is inconsistent with our corporate policies. Consistent with this commitment and our policies, we prohibit types of Spam that have not yet been contemplated by the law, including:

  • Spim or instant messenger Spam;
  • Spamming of internet newsgroups;
  • Spamming on Craigslist or other classified services, except in areas designated for such use;
  • use of any personal service to Spam other members;
  • any other method of Spamming.

In short, if you are sending a message to a recipient who does not know you, in some capacity, you may not send any information about us. If you are posting an ad somewhere that has our company information in it, that ad must be “on topic” and properly listed.


All affiliates, agents, employees or other promoters using any form of electronic commercial mail promotion in violation of this policy agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all claims, charges, counts, debts, suits or other allegations arising from violations of the Act, or other applicable laws regulating transmission of commercial email. Proof Hosting, LLC shall provide immediate notice of any and all such claims, however the Site shall select its own attorneys to defend such claims, at the sole and exclusive expense of the affiliate, agent, employee or promoter responsible for the alleged violation.


Proof Hosting, LLC may suspend any instance which it believes to be transmitting or is otherwise connected with any spam or other unsolicited bulk email, pending investigation/resolution in cooperation with the account holder.

Any questions or comments regarding this Anti-Spam Policy should be directed to: