Apps On Demand™ by Ottomatic™ quickly transforms FileMaker or Claris Applications into web-based, cloud-hosted services. These Apps are delivered to any device through an HTML5-compatible Web browser, requiring zero client-side installations. It supports native gestures, multi-tasking, file transfers, and remote printing.

Our secure web server creates HTTPS connections with the end-user browser and uses Web Sockets to provide for a more fluid experience. Apps On Demand™ is built upon a load balancing architecture that will ensure optimal resource allocation and maintain full functionality during times of heavy load. You can start small and grow as needed.

With your FileMaker or Claris Server hosted in the same data center, you will be able to utilize our network backbone for faster than lan speed access to your data!

Additional applications, security options, and locations are available. Please inquire for more details.

Interested in learning more? Check out the demo for Apps on Demand™ by Jesus Madrigal on Youtube, or contact us to learn how it could help your business directly.