Ottomatic is happy to announce that Attached Block Storage is now generally available in all data centers!

Attached block storage offers us the ability to mount and expand high-performance, scalable storage to your instance to provide flexible space management. Block storage is highly available, redundant, and ready to deploy to your Ottomatic instances!

Our new standard HDD Attached Block Storage lets us attach volumes up to a whopping 40TB! This service is already available in most of our data centers, world wide.

HDD Attached Block Storage is an affordable option that uses traditional rotating hard drives and supports volumes larger than 10 TB.

  • Minimum volume size: 40 GB
  • Maximum volume size: 40 TB
  • Technology: Rotating hard disk drive
  • Availability: Most Data Centers
  • Key Feature: Affordable storage and largest volumes
    • General sustained speeds of 50MB-90MB/s
  • Priced at $0.05/GB and a minimum volume size of 40GB

For higher performance applications, we also have our NVMe Attached Block Storage cluster, which offers volumes up to 10TB. This is available in select data centers globally.

NVMe Attached Block Storage is a higher performance option for workloads that require rapid I/O.

  • Minimum volume size: 10 GB
  • Maximum volume size: 10 TB
  • Technology: Solid-state NVMe
  • Availability: Select Data Centers
    • North America (New York, Los Angeles)
    • Europe (Amsterdam, London)
    • Asia (Singapore, Tokyo, Bangalore)
    • Australia (Sydney)
  • Key Feature: Highest performance I/O
    • Burst-ability of up to 1GB and sustained speeds of 200MB-400MB/s
  • Priced at $0.20/GB and a minimum volume size of 10GB

If you would like to learn more about our offerings, please contact us here: