Aloha, from Hawaii

Ottomatic is excited to welcome Honolulu, Hawaii as one of our newest data center locations!

We are here to empower FileMaker developers, businesses, and schools at the center of the Pacific. With Hawaii becoming a fast-growing spot for data, we want to further demonstrate our commitment to cloud-first and the modern FileMaker Revolution in offering Ottomatic’s high-performance, low-latency FileMaker Cloud Hosting in Honolulu.

The importance of decreasing latency

A hosting rule of thumb: host your FileMaker database in a location close to your users. Latency is the time it takes for data to move from its origin to its destination. The closer your users are to the data center, the better your odds for a faster experience for your users.

Meet DRFortress, Our Data Center Partner

DRFortress is the largest, and the only carrier-neutral, data center and cloud marketplace operating in Hawaii. The data center is a whopping 55,000+ sq. ft. facility located at the Airport Industrial Park in Honolulu. They are connected to Hawaii’s largest set of low-latency and neutral network carriers and are dedicated to providing the best services and support by their operations team with over 100+ cumulative years of data center service expertise.

Without a local provider, FileMaker solutions in Hawaii previously meant hosting in Los Angeles or Japan, both with massive amounts of latency to the center of the Pacific. With the addition of this data center, your FileMaker apps will experience a massive performance boost including super fast 10GB connectivity, Otto bundled at no cost, and our experts monitoring and managing your cloud instance 24/7.

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