With their powers combined: Otto & Ottomatic deliver exceptional Claris FileMaker hosting

Ottomatic, our performance-based Claris FileMaker Cloud hosting platform, includes access to Otto!

Every cloud instance we deploy for the FileMaker Community will now take advantage of Otto at no additional licensing costs. If you deploy a development instance and a production instance with Ottomatic, you can save $400 per year in Otto licenses. Already purchased an On-Prem license of Otto for your own deployments? We offer a credit when you move your hosting and license over to Ottomatic.

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About Otto

Otto is a FileMaker developer’s dream. It packs some powerful features, including automated file and data migrations, scheduled deployments, and easy access to live files and backups. It’s an excellent DevOps tool that expands the reach for developers: receiving webhooks, custom and unified application logging, and Google Groups authentication. Plus, it supports Linux (also supported by Ottomatic).

We chose to bundle Otto with Ottomatic because we think the Otto is a requirement for all FileMaker deployments. We strongly believe that FileMaker thrives when we Imagine pushing from dev to prod with a few clicks. You’ll be able to download backups in a quick and simple way. Otto makes every part of a professional Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) easier.

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About Ottomatic

Proof+Geist is proud to offer a cloud service focusing on speed, optimization, and security. We have 26 data centers worldwide and a network built on low latency global peers.

Ottomatic is supported by high-performance processors and NVMe disk sub-systems, contributing to a better overall performance with FileMaker Server. Other hosting providers might offer you metered instances, but Ottomatic removes those limitations. This means you get more performance per dollar than others that meter your CPU, Disk, and Traffic.

Get started today all around the globe

Ottomatic is available in 26 locations across five continents, ready to host your FileMaker solutions:

  • North America: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Seattle, San Jose, Toronto
  • South America: São Paulo
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
  • Asia: Bangalore, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney

At Proof+Geist, we know that the Claris platform is a key puzzle piece to any business tech ecosystem. And having a sturdy cloud hosting platform is a must-have in a world where innovation is constantly happening in the cloud. That’s why we created Ottomatic, a worldwide, low latency hosting platform crafted to make your FileMaker apps soar.

With our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies, Proof+Geist is ready to innovate and help support your business.

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