The Modern FileMaker Revolution requires a cloud-first approach, and it needs the best in class processors to power it. Ottomatic is pleased to announce that we will be powered by 3rd Generation AMD EPYC CPUs and 100% NVMe SSD Storage.

About the AMD EPYC 7003 series

According to AMD, “built on AMD ‘Zen 3’ microarchitecture-based cores and AMD Infinity Architecture, AMD EPYC 7003 Series processors provide a full feature set across the stack with industry leading I/O, 7nm x86 CPU technology, and an integrated security processor on die.

They also deliver up to 32MB of L3 cache per core, 4-6-8 memory channel interleaving to optimize performance in multiple DIMM configurations, and synchronized clocks between fabric and memory—technologies that come together to drive leadership performance.”

Learn more about the AMD architecture here.

Ottomatic and AMD EPYC

For years, AMD has pushed the capabilities of the EPYC family of processors. 3rd generation EPYC processors, which power our new FileMaker Instances, provide up to 64 cores in a single CPU. These EPYC processors on our new Ottomatic FileMaker Cloud Instances are powered by AMD’s Zen 3 microarchitecture, delivering impressive performance per core and additional security.

The Bottom Line

So what does this mean for hosting your Claris FileMaker solution in the cloud with Ottomatic? It means your apps are supported by a cloud-hosted server with a faster, more powerful engine. AS IBM puts it, “Time is the new metric for efficiency,” and now Ottomatic clients can better access data whenever they want, from wherever they are.

We still love Intel, too, and if Intel-powered instances are the right choice for your FileMaker or computing needs, we have plans available with both current-generation Intel and High-Frequency Intel.

Ottomatic is all around the globe

Ottomatic is available across five continents, ready to host your FileMaker solutions:

  • North America: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, New York, Seattle, San Jose, Toronto
  • South America: São Paulo
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm, Warsaw
  • Asia: Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney

Ottomatic: The modern FileMaker hosting platform

At Proof+Geist, we know that the Claris platform is a key puzzle piece to any business tech ecosystem. And having a sturdy cloud hosting platform is a must-have in a world where innovation is constantly happening in the cloud. That’s why we created Ottomatic, a worldwide, low latency hosting platform crafted to make your FileMaker apps soar.

With our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies, Proof+Geist is ready to innovate and help support your business.