At Proof+Geist, we know that the Claris platform is a key puzzle piece to any business tech ecosystem. And having a sturdy hosting platform is a must-have in a world where innovation is constantly happening in the cloud. That’s why we created Ottomatic, a worldwide, low latency hosting platform crafted to make your FileMaker apps soar.

Experts focused on performance

Angelo Luchi, Director of Infrastructure Operations, and his engineering team are excited to introduce a cloud service focusing on speed, optimization, and security. We have 24 data centers worldwide and a network built on low latency global peers. Ottomatic is supported by high-performance processors and NVMe disk sub-systems, contributing to a better overall performance with FileMaker Server. Other hosting providers might offer you metered instances, but Ottomatic removes those limitations. This means you get more performance per dollar than others that meter your CPU, Disk, and Traffic.

Try out Ottomatic

We offer a 7-day free trial for your first server, and our team will work with you to make sure you have the best server configuration for your needs. Learn more about Ottomatic hosting plans.