Ottomatic is pleased to announce official support for Claris Server.

Deploy a Claris Server on Ottomatic now! Please review our plans for more information.

Claris Server opens the door to the entire Claris platform, including Studio and Connect. Once FileMaker Pro solutions are converted to Claris Pro and hosted on Claris Servers, developers can leverage the power of Studio with Pro and vice versa. Note that FileMaker custom apps will need to be converted to Claris Pro— Claris Server works with files using the .claris extensions only. Under the hood there is no file format change, so your solutions should work the same way, with a few caveats.

With Claris Server, there are some important points to remember:

  1. Claris server has support for Linux OS only, so solutions may need to be updated if they are dependent on operating system-specific functions and file paths, such as with server-side exports or file manipulations.
  2. Authentication is via Claris ID accounts only, for now. Local file authentication, OAuth, and Directory Services are not yet supported.
  3. Claris Server as an ODBC Source is not supported.
  4. The legacy FileMaker Server PHP API isn’t supported.
  5. Accounts script steps are no longer supported.
  6. The following extended privileges are no longer supported: fmxdbc, fmreauthenticate, fmphp.
  7. Secondary Machines (WebDirect Workers) are not supported.
  8. Open Apps via URL using: claris:// rather than fmp://.

Also, Otto by Proof+Geist won’t be able to do migrations until there is a Data Migration Tool for .claris files. We expect that very soon, but it is not ready just yet.

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