Common FileMaker Hosting Questions

How do I host my FileMaker database?

In order to host your Claris FileMaker files, you will need to either purchase FileMaker Cloud or FileMaker Server. FileMaker Cloud is a Claris-owned hosting platform. FileMaker Server allows you to host your FileMaker database on-premise or a cloud-based hosting platform of your choice.

Once you have FileMaker hosting set up, you will be able to access your apps through FileMaker Pro (FMP), FileMaker Go (FMGo), and FileMaker WebDirect (FMWD)

How do I host FileMaker Server?

FileMaker Server is the server software that allows you to share your FileMaker databases with your users. You can install it on-premise, like a server you might house at your office. You can also use it on a cloud-based hosting platform.

If you’re interested in a cloud-based hosting platform, check out Ottomatic, brought to you by Proof+Geist.

Can FileMaker be cloud-based?

Absolutely! By hosting your Claris FileMaker apps in the cloud, you’ll provide access to both your local and remote users. Once you are hosted on the cloud, you can leverage web services and other applications to both send and receive data, expanding the reach of your custom app.

Ottomatic: The modern FileMaker hosting platform

At Proof+Geist, we know that the Claris platform is a key puzzle piece to any business tech ecosystem. And having a sturdy hosting platform is a must-have in a world where innovation is constantly happening in the cloud. That’s why we created Ottomatic, a worldwide, low latency hosting platform crafted to make your FileMaker apps soar.

With our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies, Proof+Geist is ready to innovate and help support your business.

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