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The Modern FileMaker Hosting Platform

25 worldwide locations

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Ottomatic is inspired by the needs of the community and is designed for simplicity, security, and trust. A FileMaker hosting platform that is true to its name, Ottomatic will uncomplicate your DevOps Workflow and become essential for your FileMaker hosting and deployments. And it doesn’t stop at just quality specifications – we have the expertise and support to back it up. And as the name suggests, our hosting platform comes packaged with Otto, giving you unique and powerful features.
From the moment you sign up, you have the most essential tools working alongside our solid platform. We want you to start using Ottomatic as soon as you can, which is why we offer a 7-day free trial and no setup fee. But if you need some help getting started or getting your files uploaded, we offer a Get Started Package for $500.

FileMaker Hosting Plans

Included with all plans

Unlimited data transfer and unmetered bandwidth, 10GB connection
Multi-tier backup strategy
Dedicated External Firewall
The Claris platform offers a professional low code experience, providing you with the flexibility to create what you need when you need it. FMPerception helps you manage the complexity of your FileMaker solution, by giving you the information about your system, when you need it; allowing you to stay in the flow.
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