Ottomatic has become a preferred DevOps Claris FileMaker Hosting Platform for multiple businesses, non-profits, partners, SBAs, and schools. With our low-latency data center locations, world-class support, and variety of managed services, we can help you deploy, manage, and safely watch over your data!

In addition, we’ve built in some pretty amazing internal DevOps tools to help keep your FileMaker system running smoothly. We monitor all of FileMaker’s processes for memory leaks, failures, outages, and performance-hindering utilization (runaway scripts) so we can “Ottomatically” heal them. In fact, we monitor almost 15,000 data points, every 30 seconds of every instance we manage!

All this, plus Otto, are included with every Ottomatic subscription. Test us out for 7 days and see for yourself.

Proof+Geist: Supporting Your FileMaker Ecosystem

At Proof+Geist, we know that the Claris platform is a key puzzle piece to any business ecosystem. With our world-class hosting platform, professional development tools, and expertise in both Claris FileMaker and web technologies, we are ready to innovate and help support your business. For questions, comments, or more information, drop us a line at