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Claris Platform

What is the Claris Platform?

Claris Platform is the newest product offering by claris. The Claris Platform product line includes new versions of the existing FileMaker Products and includes the new Claris Studio.

Claris ProductFileMaker Product
Claris ProFileMaker Pro
Claris ServerFileMaker Server
Claris GoFileMaker Go
Claris WebDirectFileMaker WebDirect
Claris ConnectClaris Connect
Claris Studio

What is Different in the Claris Platform?

Claris ProductChanges
Claris Pro- Requires Claris ID Authentication.
- Requires Internet Connection to Open and Authenticatie file access.
- File extension changed from .fmp12 to .claris
Claris Go- Requires Claris ID to authenticate
- Requires Internet Connection
Claris Server- No Windows or MacOS server installion. Only available for install on Ubuntu Linux 20.04
- No support for ODBC/JDBC
- Cannot Connect to External Data Sources (ESS)
- No OAuth or Active Directory support. Claris Server only Supports Claris ID Authentication.
Claris Connect- Now included with the Claris Platform
Claris Studio- New!! Provides users with data analytics and visualization tools, published forms, and more...
- Only hosted by Claris in the USA (Plans to expand coverage in the future )

What Happens to FileMaker?

With the release of the Claris Platform, there may be some concerns about the support for the existing FileMaker Products. The FileMaker Product line will continue to be supported and developed. The new product release is a new offering and will not impact the availability of FileMaker Products.

Does Ottomatic Support Claris Server Hosting?

Yes! Ottomatic Hosting supports hosting of Claris Server Installations.